Nigerian insurtech startup Curacel in partnership with ALAT by Wema

Nigerian startup Curacel, specializing in embedded insurance, has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with ALAT by Wema, Nigeria’s leading fully digital bank. This partnership aims to provide car, device, and health insurance to ALAT users. Curacel is at the forefront of embedded insurance, utilizing technology to deliver seamless insurance solutions to its partners and clients. Meanwhile, ALAT by Wema has a long history of pioneering digital banking, offering a wide range of innovative financial services designed to simplify and enhance the banking experience.

This partnership will seamlessly integrate Curacel’s cutting-edge embedded insurance solutions into the ALAT platform, enabling users to easily purchase car, device, and health insurance directly through the ALAT app. This offers customers unmatched convenience, eliminating the need to seek insurance services from other sources.

Henry Mascot, the CEO of Curacel, expressed his pride in the partnership with ALAT, describing it as a significant advancement in the realm of insurance services. He commended ALAT for its unwavering dedication to digital innovation and praised the exceptional speed, efficiency, and teamwork displayed during the onboarding process, setting this partnership apart.

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