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Fueling Innovation and Growth: Discover Our Story

Plumule Advisory is an early-stage investment consulting company that guides and provides entrepreneurs with all they need to be investment ready. We understand that success takes hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance. We gave our partners personal guidance from the very first stages and provided them with all the resources and expert advice they need to turn their visions into disruptive reality.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of industry experts with Financial Acumenm, Risk Tolerance,
Data-Driven Decision-Making, Ethical and Legal Compliance and Global Perspective

Gabriel Ologunwa


Oludare Aborowa


Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and support innovative startups, fostering entrepreneurship by providing financial capital, guidance, and resources. Our objectives are generating attractive financial returns, creating value for the economy, managing risk, and adhering to ethical and responsible investing principles. We form long-term partnerships with the startups we invest in.

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