Nurturing Innovation

Building Africa's Future Through Technology

Our Vision

“Building the next middleclass in Africa by nurturing early-stage indigenous ideas through financial and technical assistance”

What We Do

Early Stage Funding

Fueling Africa's best entrepreneurs, we bring their ideas to life through comprehensive support, resources, and unwavering commitment.

Incubation & Active Management

Our experienced team is committed to developing skills, shaping strategy and opening doors over the long term.

Market Access

Our extensive industry networks remove barriers and enable our portfolio companies to reach their markets faster.

Building a Legacy

We are committed to leaving a legacy of entrepreneurship; our investees are encouraged and empowered to teach the next generation.

Our Focus Areas


Empowering Africans

Although the African fintech space has seen exponential growth, its development is still in the early stages and growth across Africa’s 54 countries is uneven due to varying levels of gaps in digital infrastructure.
Plumule Advisory believes that digital platforms will be critical in ensuring large-scale consumer offerings can be effectively delivered – and that Africa represents the best place to develop these platforms due to the existing infrastructure gap.


Saving Africans

Africa bears 25% of the world’s disease burden, yet produces 2% of the medicine available in its healthcare services.
At Plumule, we support startups working to drive development of health technologies and fast-track these innovations in public health systems through collaboration with government and funders of global health.
We work with startups operating in one of the four thematic areas – Maternal care, telemedicine, health data and retail pharmacy. 


Enlightening Africans

The health crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of new educational technologies on the continent. While they open up new possibilities, these innovative solutions come up against inequalities in digital access. 
Plumule Advisory aims to invest in technologies that are focused on bridging these inequalities.